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High On Fire - To Cross The Bridge

High On Fire - Fury Whip

High On Fire - The Face of Oblivion

High On Fire - DII

Hiidenhauta - Tuo on tuuli nuolen tuoja

Hiidenhauta - Sula pohjaan luut levolle

Hiidenhauta - Nälkäkevät

Hiidenhauta - Jumalan vihan ruoska

Hiidenhauta - Nälkäkevät

Metallica - One

High On Fire - To Cross The Bridge

Metallica - One (from 4:33)

Every decision is not right, but to not make any decision is fatal. Good enough should be accepted without any regrets until it was made in time, otherwise, own thoughts and fear will imprison yourself with endless amount of past possibilities, which doesn't matter anymore.

Metallica - To Live Is To Die