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Monolord - Audhumbla (2:33)

Monolord - Harbinger Of Death (4:00)

Monolord - Empress Rising (1:25)

Cult of Luna - Ugin

YOB - Adrift In The Ocean

YOB - Burning The Altar

YOB - Catharsis

YOB - Quantum Mystic

High On Fire - To Cross The Bridge

Sin Of Angels - Along Among Deceit

Ufomammut - Blind

Ufomammut - Braindome

Sleep - Giza Butler

sleep time is uppon us

Rosetta - Deneb

out of place and time, silliness is a necessity, anger is a fuel, sometimes it's firing so powerful, can't believe, so much energy. should of been just not existent anymore right there, unnecessary

relax, enjoy the ride, take off your pants, all gas, no breaks

Rosetta - Lift Part 3