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Isis - Carry (from 4:00)

Isis - Stone To Wake A Serpent (from 3:20)

Isis - Hall Of The Dead (from 2:20)

Isis - Hym

Isis - Weight

Atomic reactor on anti depressants is the most boring looking thing, grey and dull outside. Energy endlessly growing inside without any possibility to escape from the protective rodes. It's so powerful but without any use. No possibility to do what it's suppose to do, generate massive amount of bright power and energy. Instead a little bursts of flame in the special area just to keep it safe. Another boring useless machine.

Pelican - Terminal

Pelican - March Into The Sea (с 6:30)

Metallica - One (from 4:33)

Every decision is not right, but to not make any decision is fatal. Good enough should be accepted without any regrets until it was made in time, otherwise, own thoughts and fear will imprison yourself with endless amount of past possibilities, which doesn't matter anymore.

Metallica - To Live Is To Die

Rosetta - Clavius (с 8:55)

Rosetta - Wake

Rosetta - Tement Noise