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Lightning Dust - Breathe

Sound is not loud enough. Keep it high. Listen.

Black Mountain - Heart of Snow (from 1:27)

I couldn't remember where is this part from exactly. New song Licensed To Drive has the same feel to it in the beginning.

Music, pictures, smell. My brain totally works in wordless descriptions. Stupid ability to not be able to describe or explain anything reasonable.

I solemnly swear that i'm up to write more.

Black Mountain - Horns Arising

Black Mountain - Stormy High

Los Natas - Resistiendo el Dolor

Los Natas - 10.000

Los Natas - Bienvenidos

Los Natas - Ganar-Perder

Los Natas - Dos Horses

Los Natas - Hombre de Metal

Los Natas - Trilogia - El Cono del Encono - Nada - Polvaredo (from 8:40)

Los Natas - La Ciudad de Brahman (from 3:08)