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Emma Ruth Rundle - Hand of God

Emma Ruth Rundle - Fever Dreams

Rosetta - Clavius (с 8:55)

Rosetta - Wake

Rosetta - Tement Noise

Rosetta - Monument (8:22)

Endless labirint without any sign of ending, doors and paths are relentlessly changing their colors, textures and forms are never the same. Figuring out patterns make no sense, each time they are different enough to not be valid. Running forward, until everything will be destroyed, to find the right door. One of the thouthands could be opened, but each attempt destroyes part of you, piece of the most valuable thing you have. When the right door is opened, you can see how good could be over there, but in the moment it shuts down and you left with destroyed piece inside. Amount of struggle destroyes ability to imagine, leaves skill to see endless amount of wrong possibilities. Can only be humble enought to continue running through, take all of the doors, break and swallow them and continue to search for more.

Rosetta - Wake

Rosetta - Tement Noise

Rosetta - Europa

Library Tapes - Alone in the Bright Lights of a Shattered Life

Library Tapes - Fragment V

Library Tapes - Fragment I