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Library Tapes - Satie on tape

Rosetta - Deneb

out of place and time, silliness is a necessity, anger is a fuel, sometimes it's firing so powerful, can't believe, so much energy. should of been just not existent anymore right there, unnecessary

relax, enjoy the ride, take off your pants, all gas, no breaks

Rosetta - Lift Part 3

Rosetta - Lift Part 2

Rosetta - Lift Part 1

Rosetta - Deneb

Rosetta - Europa

Library Tapes - Klosterg

Library Tapes - Lost

Library Tapes - Lost

Library Tapes - We Won't Need You Anymore

Bosques de mi Mente - El sonido de la ceguera I

Library Tapes - Lost

Library Tapes - Alone in the Bright Lights of a Shattered Life

Bosques de mi Mente - Permanecías allí sentado mientras la lluvia seguía cayendo a tu alrededor

иногда хочется забыть программирование, чтобы всё снова казалось настоящей магией